• Music History and Aesthetics
  • Orchestration
  • Composition
  • Music Analysis
  • Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Music and Law
  • Music Production for Applied Media
  • Final Course Project
  • Master-Thesis


  • Western & Global Music historical development; Music Aesthetics and Analysis
  • Instrumentation and Orchestration
  • Theory, techniques and methodolgies for music composition and production supporting film, TV, games, interactive media, sound branding and orchestral music
  • Analysing music structures and improving music listening and analysing skills
  • Self management, being one's own business, positioning and selling skills and services
  • Understanding IP law and its many ramifications affecting music and musicians across different jurisdictions
  • Production techniques for music supporting media including recording / mixing / mastering, synthesis, signal processing, audio and acoustics, hybrid music formats
  • Producing a professional soundtrack supporting a film, TV show, game or interactive media work
  • Learning scientific research methodologies and writing a Master's Degree level Thesis on a program related subject, whether musical or purely scientific


  • Creating music for media applications with or for film, TV, games, interactive media: directors, producers, TV stations, digital media firms
  • Supplying music and audio design for sound branding
  • Supplying music and audio design for advertising and marketing
  • Teaching a wide range of subjects
  • Technical positions in audio with studios, production companies or sound consultants
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