• Music History and Aesthetics
  • Music Markets
  • Music Management
  • Production and Distribution
  • Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Music and Law
  • Music and Media
  • Final Course Project
  • Master-Thesis


  • Western & Global Music historical development; Music Aesthetics and Analysis background necessary for professionals handling music at highly professional levels
  • Understanding the Music Industry's overall ecosystem at an international level
  • Managing artists, institutions such as orchestras, festivals, presenting venues focusing on various genres; composers including work for the media
  • Music Production processes and best practices in different genres, legacy and digital distribution, intro to block chain technology, publishing revenue collection
  • Self management, fundamentals of entrepreneurial behavior and skills for music professionals
  • Understanding IP law and its many ramifications affecting music and musicians across different jurisdictions
  • Understanding the fundamentals of music creation and production for the media including film, tv, interactive media, digital platforms, games and branding
  • Conceptualization of an executable Music Event or New Music Artist Launch project, delivery or detailed project proposal and presentation
  • Learning scientific research methodologies and writing a Master's Degree level Thesis on a program related subject


  • Working with music presenters focusing on different genres (Classical, Pop, Jazz / World, Festivals, etc.)
  • Managing artists or working with artist management firms
  • Booking talent or working with booking agencies
  • Working with record labels or music publishers
  • Producing music, consulting for artists and institutions
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